5/3/19 – Yesterday, as part of the District’s FY2020 budget deliberations, Councilmember Vince Gray proposed restoring funding for the new 2-rink ice arena at Fort Dupont. If the full Council supports CM Gray’s effort … and with your help that can happen … construction could start within a year! CM Gray is restoring funds  previously transfered and is adding $4.28 million in additional money, bringing the District’s total commitment to $25.28 million. While Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena still must raise funds before construction begins, we are well on our way to meeting that requirement.

While we now have a clear path to the new rink, we need your help to get there. ALL rink supporters should email Councilmembers, encouraging their support for the restored rink funding in the 2020 city budget. The message is simple (see below): strength lies in numbers, so we are focused on generating a large number of emails to the Council.

Please send an email to councilmembers as soon as possible, and share this email and our plea with everyone in your email and social media networks. Councilmember emails are listed below.

Text of email to Council:

Please support funding for the new Fort Dupont Ice Arena rink in the FY2020 District budget.

The lives of over 20,000 children, primarily from Ward 7 & Ward 8, have been transformed by their participation in the rink’s Kids On Ice, Schools Skate for Fitness, and other programs. It is a safe place to play, do school work, and dream for kids who don’t often get a break and who otherwise would never have a chance to ice skate, play hockey, and speed skate. With your support, construction of the new rink can begin within a year! Keep the rink funding in the budget! We’ll do our part and raise the additional funds to make this goal a reality, but we need your support!

Thank you from all of us at Fort Dupont Ice Arena.