Dupont Dollars

What is Dupont Dollars?

Dupont Dollars is Fort Dupont Ice Arena’s Rewards Program for our Kids On Ice® students. For every event and activity they participate in, they’ll earn Dupont Dollars that can be used towards exclusive Fort Dupont gear and other fun items.

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The first step to earning Dupont Dollars is to have your parent and/or guardian sign a permission form. From there, students can sign-up for our special events and pick-up our take-home activities.

Earn Dupont Dollars

For every event and activity you participate in, you’ll earn Dupont Dollars. You’ll want to save up those Dupont Dollars so you can use it in the next step! After each activity and/or event, students will receive their Dupont Dollars.

Score Exclusive

Once you’ve earned and saved up your Dupont Dollars, students can use them towards a variety of items including exclusive Fort Dupont Ice Arena’s Kids On Ice gear. The exclusive gear and items will be available to students every other week starting on November 4th, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Dupont Dollars?

Dupont Dollars are the currency for Fort Dupont Ice Arena’s Kids On Ice®  Rewards program. Students can earn Dupont Dollars and use them towards a variety of items and exclusive gear.

Can Anyone Earn Dupont Dollars?

Our Dupont Dollars Rewards program is for Fort Dupont Ice Arena’s Kids On Ice® students only.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

Before any students can earn Dupont Dollars, students need to turn in our Dupont Dollars permission form provided above.

How Much Does It Cost to Enroll?

Enrollment to our Dupont Dollars program is FREE.

How Do I Earn Them?

Students can earn Dupont Dollars by attending the variety of events and activities listed on the Dupont Dollars Calendar. As long as students turn in assignments on-time and attend the entire event, they will receive their Dupont Dollars.

What Can I Use Dupont Dollars Towards?

Dupont Dollars can be used towards:

  • FDIA Concession Stand purchases
  • FDIA Public Skating Passes
  • FDIA Dress Store
  • FDIA Exclusive Gear

…and more!

How Much is a Dupont Dollar Worth?

1 Dupont Dollar is equivalent to 1 US Dollar. So if you’d like to buy something from the dress store for example, if the dress costs $20, you may purchase it with $20 Dupont Dollars. Dupont Dollars cannot be exchange for actual currency and cannot be refunded. There is no change when using Dupont Dollars.

When Do I Get My Dupont Dollars?

Dupont Dollars will be at the conclusion of every event*. For Take-Home activities and other assignments, Dupont Dollars will be given after the work is turned in and reviewed, no later than one week after due date. For students who earned Dupont Dollars from our Social Media activity, Dupont Dollars will be handed out at our Halloween Skate.

*Subject to change.

How Do I Use My Dupont Dollars?

To use your Dupont Dollars for concessions and/or public skating, students can go directly to the cash register to make purchases. Please remember, there is change given and/or refunds when using Dupont Dollars.

To use your Dupont Dollars for Dupont Dollar items and/or Fort Dupont Ice Arena Exclusive Gear, stop by our Front Office or send an email to every other week to make purchases starting November 4th, 2017. We will have the items available listed on our site and in office.

How Do I Turn in my Assignments?

To turn in assignments and other take-home activities, students may bring them in to our FDIA Programming Office or send it in via email to

How Do I Know if I Got Credit For An Event/Activity?

It’s important students keep their Dupont Dollars in a safe place. FDIA will only be keeping track of Dupont Dollars for official use only. Physical Dupont Dollars are required to make purchases and redeem rewards.

What Will be The Exclusive Fort Dupont Gear?

The Exclusive Fort Dupont Ice Arena Gear will include:

  • Sweatshirts
  • Windbreakers
  • Long-Sleeve Shirts
  • Lanyards
  • Fleece Blankets
  • Water Bottles
  • Drawstring Backpacks

… and more!

How Many Dupont Dollars Do I Need For...

Our Dupont Dollars Rewards Chart will be provided. There are 3 tiers for rewards: Competition, Champion and All-Star.